That Amazing Cronut

Three years ago the Cronut was born and we got to celebrate with Dominique Ansel for the little pastry’s third birthday!

Cronut Cake

It’s funny how some things overtime become a significant part of your life. When the Cronut was first introduced May 2013, my husband and I were on our wedding diet…our super strict, no nonsense wedding diet that consisted of veggies, lean meats, low carb, but most importantly, no sugar. We started making a list of things we would seek to eat post-wedding diet, such as burgers, pizzas, bagels, donuts, ice cream and, of course, the Cronut. We got married on August 18, 2013, but it wasn’t until May 2014 that we had the courage to wake-up early on a weekend and get into that line.

In our wedding vows, we had of course vowed to always love each other, but I had also decided to make it apart of our vows that we will get that Cronut together:

I look forward to taking on the journey of life together, exploring and traveling to places we’ve never been, eating at a million more restaurants and one day getting that Cronut, but most importantly, growing old with  you, because I will forever love you.

Fast-forward two years later, we’ve had an uncountable amount of Cronuts and savored the flavors created especially for each month. By now, my husband has learned that even though we physically have the Cronuts in our hands, he needs to wait for its photo shoot before we can take that first bite.

May 2016 Cronut

We are ever so thankful to have been invited to the Cronut’s birthday party and it was an awesome party especially for anyone turning 3. Walking into the Spring Street shop, there was a Cronut pattern backdrop for photo ops, followed by the opportunity to get your very own temporary tattoo with “#CronutTurns3” on it.

Cronut back drop

Cronut Cake and Us

Cronut Tattoo

We got to meet the creator of the Cronut, Dominique Ansel, and chatted with him about how crazy we are for the Cronut. The pastry case was filled with twelve different Cronuts from the past and in the back room were Cronut holes with various flavors from the past three years. It was Cronut heaven!

Case of Cronuts

Cronut Holes

Stacked Cronut Holes

In the back yard, fresh made tacos were being made by their neighbors from The Dutch. An entire roasted pig!! Plus Krug champagne and rose celebrate with. The night was filled with an unlimited supply of Cronut holes and completed with the Anselfie!





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