my #dessertdiet


Sweet & Simple.

Live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (but I was here before it was hip to be here…so I’d like to think…)

Luxury Retail Buyer by day (finding homes for handbags…) and I eat and bake whenever I can (meaning all the time!!).

I get bored of the everyday, so I like to entertain myself and try to take the ordinary to the extraordinary, which you’ll see here on my blog (so in turn, I’m trying to entertain you as well…).

My passion for food starts with desserts (hence #dessertdiet), but over the years, I’ve refined my palette to balance out the diet with savories as well.

Recipe developer that is ALWAYS up for some food porn and my all-time fav is just that touch of yolk porn (…and that sexy ice cream drip…).

Love to go out to restaurants, travel lots (more like tons…) and eat at home and re-live my recipes on this site.

While this site is more dedicated to recipes, follow me on Insta @wendykou for my never ending adventures 🙂

Send me a message and let me know what you’re thinking and what you’d love to see next!!!


kisses. baci. xoxo

wendy kou


Aside from my kitchen…I spend a great amount of time here… Dominique Ansel’s bakery



And….I spend a great amount of time here…(on the plane traveling around) 🙂


Hope you have fun clicking around and enjoy the pictures!!


3 thoughts on “About

    1. Hi Ben! Yes, of course! I use a Sony alpha 7r with 35 mm full frame macro lens.

      Thank you for you message! apologies for the delayed response!



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