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Lemon Bars with Rainbow of Fruits!!!

Not just any lemon bar…. …but topped with fresh fruit jams for a rainbow of flavors!! I love lemon bars, but I had thought about how each of these fruits incorporated into a rainbow would go just so perfect with lemon… strawberry-lemon, orange-lemon, pineapple-lemon, kiwi-lemon, blueberry-lemon. So why not make a rainbow fruit creation! These lemon… Continue reading Lemon Bars with Rainbow of Fruits!!!


That Amazing Cronut

Three years ago the Cronut was born and we got to celebrate with Dominique Ansel for the little pastry’s third birthday! It’s funny how some things overtime become a significant part of your life. When the Cronut was first introduced May 2013, my husband and I were on our wedding diet…our super strict, no nonsense wedding diet… Continue reading That Amazing Cronut